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Published November 21, 2010, 09:54 PM

Digging Out After The First Snowfall

This latest bout of wintery weather is catching some people in the hardest hit communities off guard as cleanup begins.

With each snowflake the work piles up.

"I really didn't think we heard anything about snow before we left." Carol Hanson said. "Looked at all the white and thought o.k. get the shovels out, winters back." Hanson said.

Carol Hanson's fun trip to Las Vegas turned into some work back home.

"Living right on 17th Avenue, it's a busy street and they come through and block you up all the time. Make drifts or hills so high you go out onto 17th blind. It's a little dangerous."

With the first snowfall in Grand Forks not only are people digging out but the city is making sure the streets stay safe.

"Traffic wasn't having a problem getting through, there does get to be a little snow compaction. Icy at times but hopefully we maintain that with sanding and then when we get a bigger accumulation we'll plow the whole city." Streets superintendent Mark Aubol said.

Although only 2 inches of snow fell overnight, people are gearing up for more snow as early as tomorrow.

"My neighbors really good, he comes over and helps. He takes my snowblower or his, whichever is working better or bigger." Hanson said.

Although the snow can be a pain at times, Carol can't imagine living anyplace else.

"I like the 4 seasons. My sister and I just talked about that today when we heard we were coming back to snow and the 4 seasons are nice, you get a little of everything." Hanson said.

The Grand Forks City Ordinance is that you have to clean off your sidewalk 4 hours after a snowfall.