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Published November 22, 2010, 06:22 PM

Grafton School District Teaching Bullying Prevention

The Grafton School District is taking more of an active approach...to stop bullying.

Students in the Grafton School District are receiving bullying and harassment training through out the year.

Bullying hit close to home when Cooperstown teen Cassidy Andel took here own life after being bullied. And, now the Grafton School District is trying to confront bulling before another student is affected.

"Through out the year we will have general big assemblies and students are involved in different activities whether it be power points, videos and news letters those are all to promote positive relationships," said Jill Olson, Grafton's Central Middle School Principal.

With the help of student leaders, teachers are also focusing in on bulling and its prevention.

"We have to be able to recognize what bullying is we have to be able to recognize what harassment is kid have to feel comfortable to come to the teachers and express when they are having difficulties with other students," said Darren Albrecht.

The district says middle school aged students are more likely to bully and be bullied... Grafton's Central Middle School is seeing more cyber bullying.

"What we see more often now is the online activities taken place whether through myspace texting that are then the next morning or the weekend brought into the school," said Olson.

Principal Albrecht says its easier to for them to spot bulling because they are a smaller school district.

"We want them to buy into having some respect, kindness and tolerance for the students that are around them and carry that out of the walls of this school," said Albrecht.

The district has placed posters in the halls promoting positive behavior.