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Published June 26, 2011, 11:49 PM

People Still Moving to Higher Ground in Minot

Minot, ND (WDAY TV) - People in and around Minot are continue to flee to higher ground.

By: Ashley McMillan, WDAY

The stories here are heartbreaking as evacuees have no idea when they'll be able to get back into their houses. We caught up with one woman now calling her husbands business home.

Sylvia Timboe has lost her home…came close to losing her business, but she hasn't lost hope.

Sylvia Timboe – Flood Evacuee: "Its going to be ok, it'll be alright, we will survive, stay united."

She and her husband are living in the building that houses their business. The water dripping into the basement is a haunting reminder of something that has changed their lives forever.

Sylvia Timboe: "We don't have a home to go to, that's the saddest part of this. Its so easy to just close the doors and say well I'm going to go home tonight. I thought about that last night, well we'll go home tonight, I don't have a home anymore."

A different story for homeowners downstream in Velva. They are still awaiting a crest of the Mouse River.

Ken Fox – Velva Mayor: "They had semis and big trucks in here loading some people who evacuated their basements because we've been having a lot of trouble with ground water."

Velva hasn't actually encountered water…due in part to a huge levee that has been built to protect the small town from the rushing water.

Ken Fox: "If the water does crest then we have about three days of high water before it really starts to go down."

So as some downstream are feeling a bit at ease…those upstream…continue to recover.

Sylvia Timboe "Failure is not an option, remember, we go on, we stay strong, we stay lions, we go on."