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Published November 24, 2010, 10:30 PM

Holiday Travelers Drive With Caution on Icy Roads

Dangerous weather conditions during the busiest travel time of the year have drivers slowing down and driving with caution.

Dangerous weather conditions outside during the busiest travel time of the year.

Some travelers are braving the winter weather conditions, hoping to get home for the holidays.

Underneath all the snow in some areas is ice and that could be dangerous for those who are traveling.

The snow storm started in the morning and did intensify in the evening.

This is the second winter storm before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even with the severe weather, drivers I talked to are determined to get home carefully.

"We're taking it easy. The 4x4 truck helps. Yeah, you just have to watch the traffic because roads are getting icy," said Ron Phillips.

"It's winter. Unfortunately, it is thanksgiving weekend. It's not great for a lot of families traveling," said Barb Brazao.

"It's icy! Visibility was pretty good, but we just had to go slow," said Katie Kilichowski.

Even though the weather is not favored by all of these holiday travelers, one Grand Forks man is loving the snow.

" It's my first night out riding! It's alright so far. I Hope we get more snow," said snowmobiler Brad Bergman.