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Published July 06, 2011, 10:01 PM

Stolen car leads to questions for authorities; Driver Identified

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Some employees at Drywall Supply Central came back to work from a long weekend and had quite the surprise this afternoon when working in the yard. The car crashed through a wall at the business in South Moorhead. The force of the impact sent vehicle parts flying nearly 50-yards, hitting the building.

The car was heading south on 34th street when the driver didn't take the turn, drove through this field, and came to a screeching halt, hitting a tree. Workers who discovered the crash say the driver must have been going the speed limit to do that much damage.

Travus McManigle – Discovered Crash: "Yeah they were just back here getting steel when they saw the hole in the fence."

It was a strange discovery for Travus McManigle and his employees this afternoon.

Travus McManigle: "There was a car in the trees back there and whoever was in it was not doing so good."

McManigle and his crew's discovery of a crashed Nissan Maxima with a body inside was strange no doubt, but McManigle said the body of the 19-year old man was in the backseat. It is unclear if anyone else was involved or if the force of the crash jolted him out of the driver’s seat.

Sgt. Deric Swenson – Moorhead Police: "At this time we are still investigating, we don't that yet."

The car skidded more than 50-yards, hitting a tree just off of 34th Street south. Difficult to see from the road, police say it could have been undiscovered for even longer.

Deric Swenson: "This is our industrial park. Its still being developed and where the vehicle ended up is in some trees and tall grasses."

A grim discovery for a crew back at work. A man dead inside a stolen vehicle and police still looking for answers. Moorhead Police did send the 19-year old's body to the Ramsey County medical examiners office for an autopsy.

New details are emerging from the stolen vehicle crash that left a 19-year old dead in Moorhead Tuesday. Police say Russell Thompson III was the driver of the vehicle that crashed in to a South Moorhead business, and alcohol was a factor. According to a Facebook page created for Thompson, his father was also killed in an alcohol related car crash in Moorhead in 2009. The vehicle that the younger Thompson was driving on Tuesday was reported stolen from Dilworth that morning.

Lt. Tory Jacobson – Moorhead Police: “From the provisional report from the medical examiners office, alcohol was present. However specific toxicology results are still pending.”

Police are still investigating, and don't believe any one else was involved.