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Published July 11, 2011, 06:47 PM

Oakes hit hard by weekend storm

Oakes, ND (WDAY TV) - What a mess !!! The clean-up is underway in Southeastern North Dakota after overnight storms brought tornado sightings, heavy rain and winds as high as 80-miles an hour.

So far...no reports of any injuries or deaths from the storms that passed through southeastern North Dakota last night.

A very surprising fact considering some of the incredible stories we heard today.

Brad Breitbach - Saw Tornado Outside of Oakes: “It must have been a block to two blocks wide. You could see the clouds coming in wrapping. Never seen anything like that. I've seen small twisters before, but nothing like that.”

Brad Breitbach thought he could out run the storm on his Harley. But it was just too much.

Breitbach: “Laid my bike in the ditch and laid underneath my bike.”

Throughout town, hundreds of trees blown over, roots breaking through concrete. A scene not witnessed in these parts in a very long time. Dozens of homes were damaged.

Tish Schmit - Tree Crashed on House: “All of a sudden we heard a big huge boom and the house kind of shook a little It was a loud boom, a very loud boom.”

Both trees in Tish Schmit's front yard came crashing down onto her roof. Despite most likely needing a new roof, like the rest of the community, she's taking everything in stride.

Schmit – “It was like oh my god, I always wanted that tree down, but not that way.”

Marke Roberts - Oakes Police Chief: “We'll get through it if we all pull together, it's what we do.”

The North Dakota spirit is alive and well throughout Southeastern North Dakota, but unlike in Wyndmere, most of the power across town is still out, and will be for at least another day.