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Published December 09, 2010, 05:46 PM

Recall Petition For Walsh County Sheriff Turned In

Organizers of an effort to recall the Sheriff of Walsh County get a step closer to their goal. The recall effort started when Sheriff Lauren Wild fired chief deputy Ron Nord the day after the election.

People in Walsh County who want to recall the sheriff there have brought their petitions to the County Auditor.

The recall effort started when Sheriff Lauren Wild fired chief deputy Ron Nord the day after the election. Wild said Nord had spread lies about him during the campaign. The petitioners believe Nord will run again in the recall election.

Petitioners turned in 1,334 signatures Thursday afternoon, 98 more then they need. They say getting it done this quickly was a miracle.

"It was two weeks but some days it was like oh my gosh this is taking for ever. I would have loved for it to happen with in a day but two weeks was good," said Jennie Swartz, Petition Committee chairm.

Swartz says having more than 900 supporters on their Facebook page made the process even faster.

"Honestly I attribute a lot of this and the momentum of this to the Facebook page we had going. It reached so many people so quickly I think that that was a good thing for us," said Swartz.

Now the Walsh County Auditor has 30 days to verify the signatures. If that happens, the county will have another 100 days to hold the special election. Petitioners say those on both sides of the issue were supportive.

"Every one was so kind a supportive and those who didn't want to sign was still very respect full and kind and it went very well," Karla Mclaughlin, a Recall Petition Committee member.

If the special election is approved, Lauren Wild's name will automatically be placed on the ballot. Anyone else wanting to run will need to get signatures on a petition. But for these petitioners, it's time to get ready for the election.

"If it does get approved and I'm confident it will be approved, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be team Ron," said Mclaughlin.

Ron Nord told WDAZ that it was up to the Walsh County voters to petition the November election and he did not sign the petition.