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Published December 10, 2010, 09:50 PM

First Mixed Martial Arts Event Draws Quite A Crowd

The Winter Brawl at the Ralph Engelstad Arena had one fighter coming to the event as a fan to support his friends.

The first mixed martial arts event is at the Ralph Engelstad Arena, bringing fans from all over the Red River Valley.

The Winter Brawl had one fighter coming to the event as a fan to support his friends.

28-year-old Yancey Cuellar has boxed and been a part of Mixed Martial Arts since he was 17 years old.

"I am a fighter as well and I'm here to support my group the ACA which is Dane Sayers. I guess he'll be fighting a local fighter from Grand Forks Butch Hichek." Cuellar said.

Cuellar's interest in fighting has already had an impact on his nephew's life, who will be watching the fight with him tonight.

"He's seen me fight since he was little until now and you know it kind of feels good being a role model like that and trying to have someone as little as him looking up to us. He wrestles too, he's a really good wrestler." Cuellar said.

The fighter says MMA is a huge part of his life, but fighting isnt an easy sport.

"Sacrificing what you want to eat, sacrificing going out, entertainment like that you got to dedicate yourself to the training in order to get where you wanna get." Cuellar said.

The Winter Brawl is the first mixed martial arts event at the Ralph Engelstad Arena...exciting for both Cuellar...and his nephew.

"They're exciting." Cuellar's nephew Dominic Badillo said. "Like if I'm wondering who's gonna get knocked out and whoever is going to win."

Although this is the first time the Ralph has held an event like this, fans say they hope to see more MMA events in the future.