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Published October 30, 2009, 07:02 PM

Artist From Peru Teaches in Cavalier

Peruvian artist Guillermo "Memo" Guardia spent the week teaching clay and ceramics in Cavalier.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

A South American artist found a new home for the week in Cavalier.

Thanks to a museum of art program, Guillermo Guardia spent this past week teaching students of all ages about ceramics and clay.

Nats: Any questions?

More than 90 students in Cavalier had their hands full this week. Today was guest instructor Memo Guardia's fifth and final day teaching the students about clay and ceramics.

John Vasel-Weeks/ 5th Grade: First we started out doing our own design and then we had to connect the pictures together.

Guillermo Guardia/ Peruvian Artist: The kids, they have so much energy, they're pretty creative. I am always surprised to see how creative they are.

Students began by sculpting animals from clay, then painting and firing them.

James Forbes/ 5th Grade: It's cool because I've never done clay or sculptures before.

From there, they worked on 3D mosaic tile projects.

Clarissa Hartz/ 5th Grade: We just scribbled on it as you can see.

Doug Anderson/ Cavalier Art Teacher: The ideas that students came up with were unbelievable. I was very impressed and this was brought out through Memo.

Guardia works with the North Dakota Museum of Art, and is now traveling to schools around the state through the Rural Initiative Program. The artist, who grew up in Lima, Peru...a city of ten million, says he enjoys small-town classrooms.

Guillermo Guardia/ Peruvian Artist: I think they hunger to learn more about art in general and as long as they have fun and they learn, I think it's pretty successful.

Shania Heck/ 5th Grade: I like the week so far, so pretty much everything we did.

Art teacher Doug Anderson says by bringing in outside artists like Guardia, it's a chance to showcase new ideas and enhance learning.

Doug Anderson/ Cavalier Art Teacher: How they took to Memo right away. I think they saw him as a man who knows what he's doing, grasping onto his craft, liking his personality, and he blended into the classes very well.

Guardia will take the mosaic pieces and arrange them into one large art form that will go on display in the school's art gallery.

In two weeks, Guardia will head to the Ellendale school for another week-long session.