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Published December 20, 2010, 10:35 PM

Drivers Slow Down For Christmas Week Storm

Christmas week started with a wicked winter storm that dumped around 6 to 9 inches on the area. Drivers had to slow down and use caution to avoid any accidents.

This Christmas week winter storm is affecting area drivers.

"It's our turn," said Cathy Skidmore before she hit the road on Highway 2.

"We were due. All the other storms missed us, so we were due," said Skidmore.

Six to nine inches later, Grand Forks has snow and so do the roads.

"We were able to do 65 most of the way," said Kurt Hayes, who had just come from Fargo.

"Roads are pretty slick out there. Even with four wheel drive I had a hard time driving around," Ben Forrest said while filling up his gas tank.

Previous warm temperatures and high water content in the snow are making for a potentially dangerous combination.

"I seen three vehicles in the ditch, most of them were south of Hillsboro," said Hayes.

Hayes did not give a lot of thought to the icy roads and low visibility.

"I'm returning from Fargo. My daughter had surgery this morning, she had a few lumps removed from her lungs. Weather wasn't going to stop us!"

Others were not thrilled with the road conditions.

"I'm heading home. I'm done for the day."

"You've got to go slow, it does not matter if you have 4xWheel drive or whatever. You just can't go 70 miles an hour," said Skidmore.