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Published December 26, 2010, 06:42 PM

Retail Stores Pepare For After Christmas Returns

If you thought the madness at the malls and stores was over, think again!

A day after opening gifts, many of you went shopping again. This time, to return or exchange all those unwanted presents. Others spending cash or gifts cards.

Call it quite the day at Target Super Center, a slough of people returning gifts and using their gift cards they received for Christmas.

"This year was a little different because its a Sunday and we didn't open till twelve so generally people are lined up at the door and we had a pretty good group out there to," said Chris Coulter the Target's Leader on Duty.

But for stores like K-Mart, returns are down.

" I think the returns are going to pick up this coming week," said Kevin Martinson, K-Mart's Assistant Manager.

Both stores staffed extra help for the holidays to be ready for the after Christmas rush of those people returning gifts and those looking for great deals.

"So people are coming in redeeming their gift cards and some people have been returning some gifts that are actually buying stuff that they actually want," said Martinson.

"We have been busy with plastics for storage for things from Christmas, electronics people have those gift cards burning a whole in their pockets so they are coming in to spend those today so we've been really busy," said Coulter.

With these retail stores expected to stay this busy the next couple days, this post holiday shopping is going to keep these managers on their toes.

"With the big amount of guest traffic coming through here we just have to make sure that we are running on all cylinders and keep the store looking nice for our guests," said Coulter.