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Published January 22, 2011, 06:16 PM

I-500 Snowmobile Race Continues

People gathered in Warren, Minnesota catch glimpse of the racers as they refuel for day 2 of the I-500 snowmobile race.

People gathered in Warren, MN, caught a glimpse of the racers as they refuel for day two of the I-500 snowmobile race.

It's -15 degrees outside and race fans brave the cold just to watch their favorite racer stop and refuel for only 45 seconds. But for some, staying warm is easy.

"We got hot packs in our boots, two coats on, big heavy gloves, face mask everything else so we don't get frozen," said Sandy Schrank, who was watching the racers refuel.

"For the drivers and pit crews, it really isn't (too cold) we're pretty active, the drivers are really active out there, so in the cold they got the good gear," said Jack Grausan, pit crew for one of the racers.

The 39th annual I-500 race starts and ends at the Seven Clans Casino in Thief River Falls. 150 riders from across the country are here to race in this premier event.

"It's the big race of the year. We got guys from New York, Michigan, I mean all over the place. They come to race this race of the year for cross county racing," said John Peterson, the organizer for day two of the race.

Organizers say this race is fun to watch, fans come from all over the area to see how fast these sleds can go. Plus the drivers like all the attention.

"The drivers know you're watching and there is a lot to watch. You have to be at the right place at the right time but there are a lot of right places out there, a lot of good action out there," said Grausan.

"Many people show up you can just look at the parking lot how it's filling up. People just come to the gas stop because they are going so fast on the road that you keep up with them without getting a ticket," said Schrank.

Racers can reach up to 90 miles an hour on the straightaways.