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Published March 04, 2012, 09:41 AM

Local GOP leaders expect high caucus turnout

Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ TV) - A record number of voters are expected for North Dakota's caucuses on super Tuesday.

By: Stacie Van Dyke, WDAZ

Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ TV) - A record number of voters are expected for North Dakota's caucuses on super Tuesday.

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH - Grand Forks Republican: “I might relax more after it has passed!”

North Dakota is one of ten states voting Super Tuesday and local GOP leaders anticipate the most caucus voters ever.

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH: “4 years ago we had something like 700 or 750 but with the intense interest in the campaign, you know 4 years ago, we really didn't have a campaign. It was Bush and someone whose name I don't remember. This year we are preparing for a minimum of 1000 and we are ready for 1500.”

Preparing to handle all those voters is no easy task.

“Lots of preparations, lots of detail.”

MAY MARIE BLACKMORE - Grand Forks Republican: “We have to make sure somebody is standing at every place so that people can't just walk in, their hands will be marked when they've voted so they cant vote twice.”

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH: “We've layed awake at night and thought about the flow. We present our ID here, and go here for registration, and go here to get our ballot. Hopefully things will move quickly.”

Grand Forks Republicans alone have more than 50 volunteers ready to make voting go as smoothly as possible.

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH: “We have a great many volunteers coming to help so hopefully this will expedite the process.”

Voters are encouraged to come early, with speeches beginning just after voting begins at 5:30 p-m.

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH: “We do have people who have said they're coming to speak on behalf of at least Santorum and Ron Paul. We haven't heard from the other two. I'm quite confident they'll all be heard from.”

Voting ends at 8, that's when the real fun begins.

BEVERLY CLAYBURGH: “Hopefully people stay around after they've voted, we will have television there so we can watch returns come in from other states so its just an exciting night.”

MAY MARIE BLACKMORE: “It's a fun night. We get our seriousness taken care of as soon as we can and just enjoy it.”

North Dakota has 28 delegates up for grabs tomorrow night. Candidates need more than 11-hundred delegates in order to secure the party's nomination. The results of the caucuses are non-binding. There are 59 caucus sites across the state.

Visit http://www.ndgop.org for a list of locations.