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Published November 08, 2009, 07:03 PM

Grand Forks Men Grow Moustaches for Cancer Awareness

Eight days into the fundraiser Team Grand Morks, representing Grand Forks, has already raised 14-hundred dollars.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

November, also known to some as Movember, is changing the Face of Men's health one Moustache at a time.

Eight days into the fundraiser Team Grand Morks, representing Grand Forks, has already raised 14-hundred dollars.

What started as a joke amongst friends in Australia, has quickly become the largest charity event for men.

Robert Deringer: Anytime you can have fun with something and raise awareness and raise funds to help a cancer that really affects men, it's great.

And that's exactly what the Movember Campaign is all about, having fun while raising money for prostate cancer, an illness that affects one out of every six men.

Jonathan Holth: Actually if all men lived to the age of 80, all men would get prostate cancer.

With that shocking statistic, the Sioux basketball team along with men from the Toasted Frog, Joe Blacks, Dakota Harvest Bakery, Crosstown lounge, and many others throughout the city are throwing the razors away as they grow moustaches throughout the month of November, in hopes of shedding light on a somewhat touchy subject.

Robert Deringer: Getting men to talk about their health, it's something that's very very taboo and we don't really talk about it all that much and moustaches are kind of like a vehicle to kind of get that conversation started about how men need to take care of themselves.

While men have to physically show their participation in this benefit, women play an important part as well.

Jonathan Holth: The Mo-Sista's recruit Mo-Bro's throughout the month and they also help plan the party at the end of the month and raise money just like the guys do.

And although letting the whiskers grow for an entire month might seem like a daunting task, guys are having fun with it, saying it gives them a chance to do something they wouldn't normally do despite the consequences.

Robert Disinger: It says on the Movember website they're not responsible for loss of girlfriends, loss of jobs, loss of friends, I don't think I'm going to encounter any of those but it will get difficult I think towards the end of the month when I start looking a tish on the ridiculous side, but it's all for a good cause and that's really what we're kind of going for.

So don't be caught off guard if you see some seventies style moustaches being flaunted around town, they're having fun, and raising money for a good cause.

All the proceeds from the month will be split between the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, while the money raised from a post benefit party will go to the Altru Cancer Center.

Holth says that Grand Forks is hoping to raise more than 20 thousand dollars.