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Published November 08, 2009, 07:30 PM

Grand Forks Natives are Olympic Hopefuls

Twins Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux are both on the women's hockey national team and both have a shot to make the Olympic Hockey team.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Cliff Cushman was one of the only Grand Forks natives to compete in the Olympics...but there could soon be a couple more names that could hold that honor.

Twins Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux are both on the women's hockey national team.

Both have a shot to make the Olympic Hockey team.

Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux, now skate together on the U S Women's National Hockey Team. They are hoping to earn a spot on the 2010 Olympic Women's Hockey Team which plays in Vancouver in the Winter Olympics. But their story starts Along way from there... growing up in Grand Forks.

Linda Lamoureux: Looked at their Brothers and saw what they where doing. and think they just enjoyed playing it.

We sat down down with Monique and jocelyne's mom Linda and older brother Mario to talk about the Lamoureux Hockey Family and the Twins. Father Pierre was a goaltender in the early 80's for UND. And Four brothers have or currently are skating at the college level or higher.

Mario: Their competitvie in nature probably suprising to a lot of people. But im used to it, Because I grew up with it and everyone in the family is really competitive with each other.

Mario is one of Monique and Jocelynes four older brothers. He now plays on UND's mens hockey team. Just a year older then his sisters, he found him self playing on the same Grand Forks teams.

Mario: I think they are really competitive, and they were girls. but they were better then most of the boys in every sport they played.

In addition to hockey, Monique and Jocelyne played soccer, track, took part in dance and swimming. Mom Linda says her girls were competitive but supportive.

Linda: Kinda the one rule we had is, If it was individual sport, we would cheer for the person who was behind, so if one was a little bit behind , they would help go for the other ones.

The Lamoureux twins went on to play their first year in Division one hockey for the University of Minnesota. But will return to Grand Forks and play for UND next year.

Mario: Im excited to have them around. Boost the Womens team quite a bit. Right of the bat. I think make them into a contenter. And hopefully they bring UND up to the next level.

Linda: They want to build a momentu, and UND is getting better, and I think they just kinda come back to thier roots.

But for now their focus is making the olympic hockey team. Another Hockey Highmark for the Lamoureux family.

Linda : Hopefully, they will be on the final roster. But Two girls will get cut in December, So just cross your fingers.

Hopefully they are on that, and watch them win the gold.