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Published February 14, 2011, 05:46 PM

No Plans For Clay Caps On EGF Dikes

The city of Grand Forks is looking at adding three feet of clay to the dike near Lincoln Park Drive for extra flood protection this spring. There are no such plans just across the river in East Grand Forks.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

In 2009, Grand Forks added three feet of clay to a stretch of dike near Lincoln Park Drive. That's possibly the plan again this year with the latest flood prediction saying there is two percent chance the Red River could go beyond the height of the levy.

The two percent chance is too low for East Grand Forks to be moving clay.

"If we knew that water was going up to that level, we would actually be looking at putting clay on our dikes too. But with the predictions we have now we are not going to do it. We are not looking at it," says East Grand Forks Emergency Manager Randy Gust.

Gust is not criticizing Grand Forks for it's plans. He says he understands that prep work needs to be done early on the levees that aren't easily accessible during a flood.

Gust says there are plans in place to put up the invisible flood wall and other measures to prepare for a flood like 2009.

Gust says if needed, they are going to have to put clay on Highway 2 to keep it open.