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Published June 09, 2012, 09:21 AM

Kindred Family Wins Dream Home

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Kindred family is living a dream tonight, the winners of a free home.

A Kindred family is living a dream tonight, the winners of a free home. But not just any home, a brand new 500-thousand dollar house with all of the bells and whistles to go with it.

As 25 contestants narrowed down from 800, came down the steps as their names are called; each one lining up one after the other looking as nervous and excited as ever. They each make their way across the stage to test their fate.

Key one not a winner...Key two not a winner...It wasn't until key 18...that you had this outcome. 49 year old Michele Gilbertson had that winning key.

Michele Gilbertson – Home Winner: “Got the key in the door, and I turned it left and there was really nothing, and I thought I can't give up yet so I turned it to the right, and open she flew, it was awesome.”

Gilbertson, her husband Art, and their three boys live in a rural Kindred farmhouse built in the 1920's. As you can imagine is has seen better days. So living in a home like this is something Michele only day dreamed about.

Michele Gilbertson – Home Winner: “I cannot scream loud enough, I need to scream louder, it was such an amazing feeling.”

Michelle compares the feeling she had when she walked through this door, to the day she married her husband and the day she had her children.

Michele Gilbertson – Home Winner: “This is a close third, after I got him, he's a good man.”

Art was doing the math in his head the entire time, and was just as nervous as his wife as she got closer and closer to opening the door.

Art Gilbertson – Husband: “I was recording it on my cell phone, and you can probably see the tape ends rather abruptly.”

After realizing what had just happened he called their sons to tell them the good news. Him being a joker the boys didn't believe it.

Art Gilbertson – Husband: “Oh shut up, you know, that's not, mom didn't win, and I'm like I’ll send you a picture right now of her signing the papers.”

Michelle just celebrated her 49th birthday and 26 year anniversary with Art, but with all the joy and excitement, she is reminded of someone who she had wished could be here to share in the joy.

Michele Gilbertson – Home Winner: “Our sister Mary Christopherson just passed away from pancreatic cancer on April 18th, and I think she was up there pulling for me.

As Michele wipes away tears, she can't help but imagine what life will be like once living in her new home, and she says she will always remember this as being one of the best days of her life.

Michelle only applied to be a finalist two times. She plans on moving in as soon as possible.