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Published June 25, 2012, 07:12 PM

Maier family devastated after fire claims their home

Oakport Township, MN (WDAY TV) - The Red Cross is putting up the Maier family for a few days in a local motel.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

The Red Cross is putting up the Maier family for a few days in a local motel. After that, Bob and Lynn are not sure what they will do. They ran out with a cell phone and a purse. That is all that was saved, and the Maiers have no insurance.

Bob Maier was supposed to be at the VA for a doctor's appointment this morning,

Bob Maier: “I made coffee right away.”

Instead, he watched firefighters spray foam on his burned out home.

Bob Maier: “The coffee pot was sitting on the stove, and the coffee maker must have malfunctioned or whatever.”

It all started so quickly. Bob, a disabled Vietnam Vet, had got up early to check on his horse. His wife Lynn and daughter Jamie inside smelled smoke.

Jamie Maier: “The whole stove caught on fire.”

Lynn Maier: “It was a coffee pot I could have put a wet towel over it.”

Because of well work, there was little water pressure and so the fire just grew, and kitchen was soon an inferno.

Bob Maier: “It got into the ceiling in the kitchen and it was downhill from there.”

The family lost everything including a turn of the century painting by a grandmother and oval framed photos of immigrant great grandparents.

18 years living here, they survived what Mother Nature handed them; blizzards, high water and now this.

Bob Maier: “I will never move from here, storms, fire rain whatever we will stick it out sucked it up from floods. Scorched one day flooded out the next.”

A trailers house next to the house and a garage also burned. Without insurance, the family is not sure what they'll do. Fortunately they all got out, unharmed.

Both Salvation Army and the Red Cross were at the fire scene to help the Maier family and the firefighters on scene.