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Published February 19, 2011, 05:27 PM

Small Dog Park May Soon Be On Its Way in Lincoln Park

Should taxpayer money be spent on an addition to the Lincoln Park Dog Park in Grand Forks? City leaders will decide February 22nd.

Francis Phelps and her playful pug Maggie are finishing a chilly day playing with the big dogs.

"Well mine keeps up with the big ones, so we are ok there but I can see for the smaller ones it might be nice," said Phelps.

Some small dog owners approached the city, looking for the option of a small dog park. Which may soon become a reality.

"Some of the little dogs do get intimidated sometimes, for the most part they have that attitude so they get along," said Diana Iverson, who's for a small dog park.

If the City Council approves the $10,000 for the small dog park, it will be placed on the south side of the current dog park.

"There are amenities already, there's the road for example, the water line that makes the project much more feasible economically. So in order for us just to put the fence up, we can add the fountain after a while," Greenway manager Melanie Parvey said.

The park would be paid for through the Greenway maintenance fund which homeowners pay into by their utility bills.

Parvey says those who don't have dogs see the same money being used for the up-keep of pools, trails and parks that children use.

"But for those who don't have kids pay taxes for all of those things as well and believe me those people who have dogs and don't have kids treat them like their kids so it really is a space for them," said Parvy.