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Published February 24, 2011, 07:12 PM

Gas Prices on the Rise

Gas prices have once again started rising. Experts say the ongoing unrest in the Middle East is causing oil prices to rise. That's leaving everyone's wallet a little lighter.

Gas prices are on the rise across the country. Some stations in Grand Forks have even hit $3.39.

Loren Dusterhoft of Dusterhoft Oil Company in Grand Forks says the turmoil in Libya is affecting the price of crude oil and gas.

"They had gas wars in town here all the time years ago and it used to be as low as 26 cents a gallon," Dusterhoft said.

Now Dusterhoft can't remember the last time gas prices were under $2. Local prices are pushing as much as $3.39 a gallon, leaving many concerned.

"It costs you 50 bucks, thats a lot of money. That's quite a few hours of your day, one work day goes to just filling up," Bob Minelle said.

Minelle has a pickup that gets about 18 miles to the gallon. With prices as high as they are, he's choosing not to use it for the time being.

"When it was four dollars a couple years ago, it slowed everybody down, people drift back up. Maybe we've got to slow down again," Minelle said.

Dusterhoft says a lot of the rising prices are due to the conflict in Libya and if it continues, prices could continue to climb.

"It depends on what goes on over there. I think if it cools off over there, it will probably go down again, but if it keeps continuing with the uprisings they've, it will continue to go up," Dusterhoff said.

And just because Dusterhoft changes the prices on the sign, doesn't mean it's money in his pocket.

"I don't like it any better then anybody else because what happens when it goes up, our credit card fees go up with it," Dusterhoff said.

Dusterhoft says one of the reasons Fargo usually has a lower price is because the competition is much greater.