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Published March 02, 2011, 06:12 PM

Lake Region Grains Expands Site In Lakota, ND

The Lakota, ND Region is going to be able to move area grain even faster this harvest season.

The Lake Region Grain Co-op is expanding its 25 car rail line to 110 cars, to allow more grain to be shipped to the coasts.

The CHS Co-op is working hard to accommodate its area producers.

"We just wanted to broaden our trade area for our and expand our territory so we can be more efficient in services," said Lake Regions Grain Cooperative General Manager Mark Greicar.

Shipping by rail makes it faster and cheaper not only for the producer but the Lake Region as well.

"With the west coast markets and they demand they are at today, the most efficient and economically way to do it is by rail the more rail cars you can load the more efficient you become," said Greicar.

By shuttling 110 cars at a time, the company can to ship 430 bushels of Wheat and 440 thousand Bushels of Soybeans at once.Instead of only 90 thousand bushels of Wheat.

"By providing a much better to our trade area it makes it more efficient for the producer to get to," said Greicar.

Because of faster shipping, this allows the co-op to store not only Spring Wheat but also soybeans and Corn. Greicar hopes construction will start early spring.

"Overall we are getting really excited, any time you can start moving grain on the main line to the west coast markets where the demand is and in an efficient manner it brings a lot of excitement to the producer and to the employee," said Greicar.

Greicar says its to early to know the costs of the project.