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Published March 15, 2011, 04:19 PM

Emerado Police Chief Resigns After Lack Of Support

A local police chief says he doesn't have the support of the mayor or city council, and so he has resigned. Tim Gillespie is leaving his position of Emerado Police Chief as of Tuesday.

Everyone in Emerado wants to know if the rumors are true.

"He did, Pat. Tim put in his resignation at noon," Becky Reep, Deputy Auditor of Emerado, told someone over the phone.

Police Chief Tim Gillespie is turning in his badge after over 11 years.

"I think that it is just time to move on," said Gillespie.

"The city isn't going to have the police protection it needs, but I don't blame him," said Reep.

It has been an interesting year for Emerado's longest-acting police chief. In June Mayor Brent Aspinwall was not going to re-appoint Gillespie as Police Chief due to budget deficits.

"He and the mayor have had some contentious moments and I think myself and some others have had some contentious moments with the mayor," said George Niece, who lives in Emerado.

Aspinwall later did re-appoint him, but early this month the police department was downsized by the city council. Gillespie's only officer Rolland Goulet was laid off.

"(It happened) when I was away for training. It was a two-two vote, the mayor was the deciding factor to lay off Rolland because of budget deficits. They didn't go through the budget committees, the auditors. I don't see that budget deficit."

"Suddenly there was a budget crisis, Rolland got laid off. Now there's a question of how this budget crisis came about," said Niece.

Gillespie said he does not feel respected by the mayor or city council, and doesn't want to be the only officer in the whole town. He is excited about a new job he has taken, but with excitement comes something else.

"I assimilated in this community and made a lot of friends over 11 years and I am going to miss them."