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Published March 15, 2011, 06:07 PM

Traill County Prepares For Spring Flooding

The beginning of the thaw means high water is coming. Many rural residents have built up ring dikes over several years of major flooding. In Traill County, officials say those dikes will help them with the flood fight.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

It's Hillsboro's city park that gets hit with the floodwaters. A ring dike protects the pool from the Goose river up to 14 feet, but that has not been high enough for the past few years and the pool has flooded. Except for the park and a few spots on the golf course, no big flood problems are expected in Hillsboro.

Mike Crocker is the Traill County Emergency Manager. He says a lot of homes have been bought out near the Goose river. "We have bought some out in Hillsboro, we have bought a lot out in Mayville. So we have mitigated a lot of our flood-prone property," Crocker said.

Crocker says the towns of Hillsboro and Mayville may have a few spots where there will need to be sandbagging. But it's the overland flooding in rural areas that is the biggest concern.

"Because of plugged culverts and plugged drains, it sometimes backs up. And when it backs up, it backs up really fast," said Crocker.

With temperatures forecast to be in the upper 30 and into the 40's this week, emergency management is reminding people prone to flooding to be ready.

"If there is flooding, people better have their sandbags, their sand and their plastic," says Hillsboro's Assistant Fire Chief Dave Sather.

After the last few years of major flooding in Traill County, many farms have worked hard to lessen their spring flood fight.

Mike Crocker says there has bee a lot of rural residents that have constructed ring dikes around their home which helps.