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Published April 04, 2011, 02:25 PM

Area River Levels and Forecast

Updated 10:30 p.m.

By: WDAZ Staff Report,

All levels from National Weather Service as of 10:30 p.m. Monday

Grand Forks

The Red River at Grand Forks/East Grand Forks stands at 33.85 ft. Flood stage is 28 ft. NWS predicts that the Red could reach major flood stage, 46 ft., by this Sunday. They are predicting a level of 47.9 ft. by Monday.

The flood walls in GF/EGF protect the city up to 63 ft. With that projected rise, the Point and Sorlie Bridges will likely have to be closed sometime this week. Water begins to approach the Kennedy Bridge at a level of 52.6 ft.

At 34 ft., water will be nearing the 4th St. underpass in East Grand Forks.

At 38 ft., the flood gates will be closed. At 42 ft., the road entering Riverside Park will be closed.


The Red at Fargo is at 26.06 feet. Moderate flood stage is at 25 ft. It could reach major flooding stage, 30 ft., by sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday. NWS projects it to be at 39 ft. by Monday. In 2009, the Red at Fargo crested at 40.84 ft. A crest has not been predicted yet.

At major flood stage, 30 ft., NWS says flooding will occur at 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue North areas. At 34 ft., sandbagging starts on the dike near 15th Avenue and Elm Street North. 2nd Street is closed between Main Avenue and 4th Street.


The Red at Oslo, MN, has reached the moderate flood stage of 30 ft. It stands 31.63 ft. Monday evening. NWS predicts it could be near major flooding stage of 36 ft. by the weekend.

NWS says at 36.5 ft., State Highway 54 will be covered with water. At 37.5 ft., State Highway 1 will be covered. The permanent downstream levee of Highway 1 is protected to 41.2 ft., and the upstream levee is protected to 42.2 ft.

Other area levels

Red River at Wahpeton: 14.11 ft. Flood stage: 10 ft. Projected to reach 15.5 ft. by Wednesday.

Wild Rice River at Abercrombie: 23.51 ft. Flood stage: 10 ft. Projected to be at 26.5 feet by Wednesday.

Sheyenne River at Kindred: 15.51 ft. Flood stage: 16 ft. Projected to be at moderate flood stage, 20 ft., by Thursday.

Maple River at Enderlin: 9.83 ft. Flood stage: 9.5 ft.

South Buffalo River at Sabin: 15.98 ft. Flood stage: 12 ft. Projected to reach 17.5 ft. by Wednesday.

Buffalo River at Hawley: 8.79 ft. Flood stage: 7 ft. Projected to be around major flooding stage, 11 ft., by Saturday.

Buffalo River near Dilworth: 22.46 ft. Flood stage: 12 ft. Projected to be around 24 ft. by Tuesday.

Maple River near Mapleton: 908.37 ft. Flood stage: 905 ft. Projected to be near major flooding stage, 910 ft., by Saturday.

Sheyenne River at Harwood: 883.62 ft. Flood stage: 884 ft. Projected to be around major flood stage, 891 ft., by Friday.

Wild Rice River at Hendrum: 24.52 ft. Flood stage: 20 ft. Projected to be at major flood stage, 32 ft., by Saturday.

Red River at Halstad: 26.57 ft. Flood stage: 26 ft. Projected to be near major flood stage, 37.5 ft., by Friday.

Red Lake River at Crookston: 17.82 ft. Flood stage: 15 ft. Projected to stay within flood stage, reaching near 21.5 ft. by Wednesday.

Snake River above Warren Diversion: 67.36 ft. Flood stage: 67 ft.

Park River at Grafton: 9.75 ft. Flood stage: 12 ft.

Red River at Drayton: 32.51 ft. Flood stage: 32 ft. Projected to reach moderate flood stage, 38 ft., by Saturday.

Two Rivers River at Hallock: 806.27 ft. Flood stage: 802 ft. Projected to reach around 808 ft. by Thursday.

Red River at Pembina: 38.22 ft. Flood stage: 42 ft. Projected to be near moderate flood stage, 47 ft., by Monday.