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Published April 07, 2011, 05:04 PM

7th Graders At Schoeder Middle School Learn About Bullying

Bullying has been pin-pointed as a problem in schools, and especially in middle schools. Today, UND education students are trying to help eliminate the problem.

"Even if it's a little pebble in this big pond we want to try and really change and hopefully see a difference in these kids," said Stam.

UND Senior Alycia Stam is trying teach these 7th graders the difference between joking and bullying. It's part of a joint effort to make Schroeder Middle School a "no bullying" area.

"Cyber bullying is at an all time high. A lot of it is happen outside the class room but they bring it into the classroom the next day when it happens. So, I kinda see a lot of the aftermath," said presenter Clayton Dodson.

Thirty-one UND education students are working with these middle schoolers to make sure these words... don't describe them in the future.

"We are going to be future educators, we know that we are going to be in a school like this someday and this is something that we want to deal with right now and we hope this is something that will decrease and lessen," said UND senior Annie Kemp.

Today's lesson not only taught students to stand up against bullying, but to respect one another, as well.

"Its not enough just to sit here and listen, its not enough not to be a bully. You know you have stand up and take that extra step and and be and up stander. We talk about what shirt you are going to wear are you going to be a bully are you going to be a up stander and hopefully most choose to be and up stander," said Dodson.

It's only the second day of this pilot program, but these instructors are already seeing positive results.

"In small group times you can tell the stories really impacted the children, students. When we asked them is bullying a joke and some of them are like they can think its funny but after hearing how it really impacts someone it kinda changed their minds," said Kemp.

"Parents here say here daughter has been apologized to because she has been bullied and a bunch of the kids came up to here yesterday after the first program and apologized to here so it shows that little bit did make a difference," said Stam.

This program is already in high demand. Other middle schools have expressed interest in this program.