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Published April 08, 2011, 05:48 PM

Binge Drinking Statistics Down For North Dakota Universities

The University of North Dakota reps say they see a perk to this decrease, it comes in form of better class attendance.

UND student David Colter is whipping up a mocktail to quench his thirst rather than turning to a cocktail.

"How it has an affect of people through that I just decided that it wasn't going to be a full part of my life, I mean going to Parrots Kay having a beer and some wings is delicious but with responsibility and in the right setting drinking not a bad thing," said Colter.

According to a recent survey of one-thousand UND students, statistics show that less then 50% of students are binge drinking in 2010 than 58% reported in 2008. Which is good for a school with students who have a reputation for binge drinking.

"I think its really great to see people moving towards healthier behaviors and i think it will make our whole university to continue to be successful," said Peer Educator Angie Kautzman.

"In high school I had a lot of friends that would go out on weekends, every night they would be drunk not eating and they would wake up drink you know drink all night and do it again," said Peer Educator Hayley Landstrom.

That's what the Health and Wellness office is trying to prevent. With a new alcohol prevention programs like the Friday night event Night Life, the school provides non-alcoholic fun.

"I mean there is movies, food there's always something bigger going on like a comedian, everyone likes to laugh and hypnotists I mean those can get funny to," said Kautzman.

"Seeing things like night life and what they can have to offer like that and seeing a lot of people coming to that shows there is a difference being made through that," said Colter.

Statistics area also showing only a decrease at the of 3% drop in binge drinking all over the state.