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Published November 20, 2009, 09:32 PM

Benefit For Jason Smith

Family and friends of Jason Smith held a benefit for him in East Grand Forks.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

It's been a difficult month for Jason Smith.

He suffered a head injury in the fight.

Tonight, family and friends held a benefit in his name.

Family and friends were glad to see Jason Smith back on his feet tonight.

Over the past month, he's undergone surgery and countless hours of rehab as he tries to get back to 100 percent.

Family and well wishers gathered in East Grand Forks tonight to rally strength for Jason Smith.

Wilma Smith/ Jason's Mom: We just knew that once Jason was injured, we had to do something to support him and help him with medical bills and whatever he'd need help with.

Smith suffered a head injury while leaving the U-N-D Minnesota hockey game on October 16th. Smith was involved in a fight and struck his head on the concrete.

Wilma Smith/ Jason's Mom: With the severe head trauma Jason had, nobody ever knows what the outcome's going to be.

John Smith/ Jason's Dad: To finally get out of the hospital, that was the toughest part for him. Once he got home where he could kind of come and go, then his mind was a little more at ease.

Jason is not yet able to drive, so his dad John has been taking him to outpatient rehab five times a week.

John Smith/ Jason's Dad: I got a big question, why? My son has never been in a fight in his life, he's got two million friends and I just can't picture somebody hitting him.

John says Jason is recovering quickly, but says he often times re-lives the night of the accident.

John Smith/ Jason's Dad: Yeah, I rehash it, you almost have to, not have to, but it's unavoidable, put it that way.

Jason's parents say he has no memory of the incident.

They expect he'll be able to go back to work sometime in January.

They man accused of hitting Smith has not been charged. The state's attorney is still reviewing evidence in the case.