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Published May 06, 2011, 05:38 PM

Motorists Turning to Cheaper Alternatives for Transportation

As gas prices continue to rise, many people in the Grand Forks area are turning to alternative transportation to save money on gas.

Gas prices have hit $4 a gallon and people are turning in their cars for something a bit smaller to get around town.

"We haven't seen anything new as far as a lot more bike sales, but what we have seen is an increase of the amount of people who want to get their current bike, what they own fixed up," said Ski & Bike Shop manager Pat White.

Buying a new bike will set you back around $450. But for someone who rides their bike three weeks a month like White, the savings in gas equals out the price of a bike.

"I'm only driving my car one week out of that month. At the end of seven months I've saved $420, so the price of the bike, it pays for itself," White said.

Even though bike sales aren't going up, more people are turning to something like a scooter, can get you a 100 to 110 miles per gallon.

"It's a big dramatic difference on the the mile per gallon, and when you fill it up, you're putting in four dollars worth of gas in because you only holds a gallon. So you fill it up once every 100 miles," said Revolutions Power Sports Sales Manager Paul Callina.

Callina says motorcycle and scooter sales are through the roof. They had to pull many from storage to keep up with demand. He says riding a scooter is easy.

"If they can ride a two wheeler they can ride a scooter. But when you get into motorcycles, obviously they would have to know about clutching, that type of thing," said Callina.

Callina says even some of the smaller motorcycles are reaching 50 to 80 miles per gallon.