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Published September 26, 2009, 07:36 PM

Lawmakers want to ban texting and driving nationwide.

US Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota is now part of a group of lawmakers who want to pass a bill which would make a nationwide texting while driving ban.

By: WDAZ Staff Report, WDAZ

The Obama administration is also holding a summit next week on the issue of distracted driving. Right now illegalizing texting while driving is up to each state. Last year... Minnesota became one of the only 18 states that has a texting while driving ban. Police say when a person is texting... They are endangering not only their own safety... But the safety of others.

Aeisso Schrage: "all over the road, not paying attention. We think that they're actually drunk. We get up there and they're playing with their cell phone or sending a message or whatever its impossible to focus on sending a text message staring at your cell phone and staring at the road."

If the bill is passed... States would have 2 years to comply or risk losing a quarter of their federal highway funding.