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Published November 26, 2009, 10:15 PM

Shoppers Prepare For Black Friday

It may be Thanksgiving but that's not keeping people at home.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

It may be Thanksgiving but that's not keeping people at home.

It's usually a day to spend at home with family but with one of the biggest shopping days of the year coming up tomorrow, people were out getting a head start.

Black Friday ads are out and people know what they want, but special Thanksgiving Day deals are getting people to stores even before tomorrow mornings three a.m. alarm.

Yvette Hamilton/Shopper: "We come out every Thanksgiving out here to shop and I love spending money."

And although it's a holiday, that doesn't mean people have to stay home, many have made a tradition out of shopping and then going home to eat.

Kevin Martinson/K-Mart Hardlines Manager: "It's just something that's a ritual for people now."

Yvette Hamilton: "Strictly shopping and eating."

Many shoppers out today aren't necessarily looking to buy. They've seen the Black Friday ads and they're out putting together a plan for tomorrow morning.

Kevin Martinson: "They're coming today just to see where things are at so then tomorrow they know where they have to go to pick up the deals."

Fuzzy Livinggood: "I'm looking for a big screen TV and I want to know where the best deal is, that's why I'm looking today so Black Friday I know where to go."

Electronics and toys have traditionally been the big sellers. People say flipping through ads is no longer an efficient way to decide what to buy tomorrow.

Fuzzy Livinggood: "I want to come and look at the real product."

With stores opening as early as four am, the alarms are set and some people just can't get enough.

Yvette Hamilton: "Just shopping and getting up tomorrow morning and start all over again."

Most shoppers said that they aren't going to sleep tonight since they have to be up so early.

They also said that today and tomorrow is when they get most of their Christmas shopping done.