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Published May 10, 2011, 10:14 PM

Some Rural Post Offices May Be Closing

A number of rural post offices in the Langdon and Nekoma areas are being reviewed and may close.

US Postal Service personnel met with Nekoma, ND, residents to find out what concerns they may have about losing their post office.

To some Nekoma residents, their post office is everything. It's a place to meet, to chat and to send their mail.

"It's like everything else you have in a small community, if you lose the grocery story, you lose the school. It all hurts. If we lose our post office, it will be devastating to this area," said Nekoma resident Bob Wilhelmi.

With nearly 35% of the mail being sent by other means, the postal service is looking at different ways to cut spending.

"They are looking at carrier routes and these small vacant post offices where there is no seated postmaster," said U.S. Postal Service Representative Patt Larson.

If their post office has to close, residents fear it could be the end of their town.

"What I see in town here, people come many miles just to utilize this and mail their letters out of here because it's so fast and efficient," said Wilhelmi.

"They get things there timely, and if we had to drive to Langdon, Hamden or whatever the place, it's just going to be an added cost for everybody," said elevator manager Josh Schaefer.

But for now, the postal service is not planning on closing any offices at this time.

"We want to make sure that we're reviewing a lot of things, a lot of processes, a lot of procedures in the postal service because of the severe financial crisis we're in," said Larson.

This is the first day the U.S. Postal Service has met with affected towns and the reviewing timeline is unknown.