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Published May 12, 2011, 06:32 PM

Greenway Trails Still Closed Because of Debris

With the weather warming up, more people are hitting the trails on the Greenway. But the entire Greenway is not yet open.

Even though the water is falling and the trails are opening up, it doesn't mean that they're usable.

"All of the trails are still closed, are there areas where there is no water that people are using them? Yes, we just keep the signs up as a warning that around the corner you may not notice it at first that there are some debris or water," said Greenway specialist Kim Greendahl.

Water levels are consistent with 2009, which means the water is staying at high levels longer, causing Riverside Park and the pedestrian bridges to remain closed.

"The pedestrian bridges don't even have the railings on them yet, mainly because we have to get the debris off them. That's going to take a little more work," said Greendahl.

Greendahl says they have to wait for the water to recede even more before clearing the debris and clay.

"I think debris-wise, we are doing much better than in years past because we didn't have the large ice breaking up the large trees so it's going to be a lot of small debris," said Greendahl.

They hope to have the entire Greenway open and usable by June, but until then, they ask residents to be mindful of where they're going.

"We love having people on the Greenway and enjoying that. The great news is that Grand Forks has over 60 miles of trail, so you're not at a loss for trails, it's just right now, the Greenway trails are not the most accessible," said Greendahl.

Greenway officials say they can start clearing debris by next week.