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Published November 27, 2009, 10:36 PM

Huge Shopping Traffic At Area Stores

Traffic was steady all day at several area stores.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

Retail workers have had a chance to catch their breaths after this morning's mob of shoppers cleared out.

But even after the first few hours of doorbusters, traffic remained high for the rest of the afternoon.

Stores around Grand Forks opened up shop well before sunrise, some as early as 3 a-m.

In some cases, shoppers camped in the parking lots to secure a place in line.

At around ten o'clock last night, Target assistant manager Tina Miller cruised by the store to scope out the line of shoppers.

Tina Miller/ Target Asst. Mgr: I drove by just to kind of check the perimeter, and we ended up having a few tents outside, so I knew it was going to be a fun morning.

A fun morning filled with long lines and full shopping carts. But even before the doors opened at five a-m, Target shoppers were able to plan their routes with less confusion.

Tina Miller/ Target Asst. Mgr: We give out the maps kind of for our hot sellers and we put that on the floor, it kind of helps direct traffic and it shows the guests when they're waiting in line where the door busters are at.

Not far away, Scheels workers were prepping for a somewhat smaller doorbuster crowd.

Mike Kellogg/ Store Mgr: Pretty much chaos, we had pretty long lines, but the staff did a great job of handling customer traffic and everybody's in a good mood, it flowed really well for us.

Kellogg says as they opened the doors at six, the popular sale items sold almost immediately, but after the initial rush, shoppers kept coming through the door.

Mike Kellogg/ Store Mgr: That's a little different than it has been in the past, normally once doorbusters end, it kind of tapers down and today it hasn't so far.

Tina Miller/ Target Asst. Mgr: It can get stressful, it's intense, but at the same time, we live for this day, it's one of the best days, so we have a really fun job, seeing all the guests coming in with their excitement and enthusiasm.

Miller says the Christmas shopping push began around Halloween, but this weekend is traditionally the biggest in terms of sales for the store.

They also expect high revenue from the weekend of December 19th and 20th from last minute shoppers.