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Published November 29, 2009, 10:13 PM

East Grand Forks Finishing Out 2010 Budget

East Grand Forks city leaders are making more and more cuts as they finish out the 2010 budget due to shortfalls the state level.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

Because of cuts in aid from the state...people in East Grand Forks will likely see an increase in taxes next year as city leaders work out the 20-10 budget.

Council members say they will likely approve the budget at Tuesday's meeting.

The proposed plan includes a four point six percent increase in taxes, a wage freeze for city workers...as well as a hold on major expenses.

Council president Dick Grassel says after working through the budget, they've made drastic cuts and simply can't cut any further without affecting public services.

"We've had no help from the state, from the governor, people say we're whining, well they're whining all across the state of Minnesota, that's the case,"Grassel said.

Grassel says if not for the tax increase next year, they'd likely have to increase it by double digits in 20-11 due to the state's multi-billion dollar deficit.