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Published June 02, 2011, 11:11 PM

Niagara Latest Town In Danger Of Losing Post Office

Another rural North Dakota town is in danger of losing its post office while the government looks at ways to save money.

The nearest post office is in Petersburg about six miles away from Niagara, but getting there can be a problem for elderly or disabled.

Plus, even though Niagara is a small and quiet town, if you listen closely you would realize the heart beat comes from the Post Office.

Over 50 businesses rely on it to make a profit, and out of the nearly 60 people in town, several elderly members see it as a necessity.

"I don't know if they all have cell phones, but they don't have computers. So the concept is they are mailing letters," said Laurel Nabben, the mayor.

It is not just the people within city limits, because about 92 families in the country need it too.

Closing post offices is part of an effort to save the postal service money. A representative said it is losing $23 million nationally a day.

The answer to them is to condense post offices. The people at a Niagara town hall meeting said it is a wrong answer, because the post office is so much more than a place for getting mail.

"We don't have a café or anything, and the post office is the communication center of the town," said Dennis Neels, the only pastor in town.

This group of people at the meeting hope their input will help save the Niagara Post Office, and keep the heart of the community beating.