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Published July 06, 2011, 01:32 PM

Fund Set Up For Victims of Home Explosion North of Larimore, ND

A fund has been set up by friends of the two people injured in a deadly propane gas explosion that leveled a home north Larimore, ND.

By: WDAZ Staff Report,

A fund has been set up by friends of the two people injured in a deadly propane gas explosion that leveled a home north Larimore, ND.

23-year-old Justin McMahon and 22-year-old Danielle Bissel were seriously injured in the blast June 27. Their daughter, 6-month-old Samantha Bissel, was killed.

McMahon and Bissel are both in fair condition at Regions Hospital in St. Paul Wednesday, according to a public relations representative there.

A family friend who set up the fund said that McMahon had both his legs amputated, but the representative was unable to confirm that.

A Facebook group set up by family members describes more about the explosion:

"Justin was thrown 30 feet into the air and landed on his feet and legs, which instantly crushed. Dani was thrown almost 100 ft and their sectional landed on her. When Justin arrived at the hospital his stomach and hands were covered in large cuts and abrasions. We thought it was from the explosion, but it turned out to be from crawling through the rubble looking for his family. Both are badly broken but they fight still. They know they have a long road ahead of them, and they are going to go down it together."

Another post tells of the long recovery to come:

"We had hoped and prayed so hard that he would be able to keep at least one foot and leg. I find myself wondering just how much 2 people can endure. They lost their precious child, their home, their pets, their vehicles and everything else they had worked for. Now Justin will lose both legs and Dani is facing numerous surgeries to fix broken body parts. Dani's surgery did go well, and her pelvis was put back together with metal and screws. Her feet will be next. The kids will go into a rehabilitation hospital for many months once they are released. We stand at their bedsides quite often hoping and praying that we can take some of their pain away; both mentally and physically. Todd, Brenda, Steve and I, set in the waiting room last night (6/30) while the kids were in surgery and looked at pictures of our beloved Samantha. We are hurt, scared, sad, confused and angry. I'm sure the emotions are all normal. We take strength in each other and in the love that the kids have for each other. Day by day..hour by hour..minute by minute...we hope each one starts getting better."

Update: July 7

"It's been a long hard week for the kids. Dani's feet are causing her a lot of pain. It took them many hours and a lot of metal plates and screws to rebuild both feet. She has pins sticking out of several of her toes and those will remain for several months. She is still in a neck collar, also for many months. My heart breaks for her when they have to pump her breast and I hope that soon that part will be over for her. I know it has to cause her so much emotional pain, but she handles it like a champ. Justin's left foot and more of both of his legs were removed this week. He goes back in the OR in the morning for his crushed knee. There should be one more surgery on his legs after that and we hope that will be all for him. Yesterday was a bad surgery for him. The pain was tremendous, and for just a little while he was sad and frustrated. It was the first time I had seen him show any emotion from the pain. And as for seeing him the first time with both feet and parts of his legs gone was incredibly hard for me. Like any other mother, 23 years ago when he was born, I counted all of his little toes, never dreaming something so terrible could happen. He still finds moments to make us smile, and we so need that from him because that is who he is. The fourth of July was perhaps our worst day, both kids were in surgery all day, and Sam would have been six months old. Watching fireworks from the hospital window we couldn't help but think that Sam should have been wearing her new flag outfit, setting on a quilt and watching fireworks with her parents for the first time."

Donations can be made to:

The Bissel and McMahon account

Riverfork Federal Credit Union

711 N. Washington St.

Grand Forks, ND, 58203

A Paypal account has also been set up so donations can be made online. You can find a link attached to this article.