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Published December 06, 2009, 10:07 PM

Grand Forks Dog Park Vandalized

Police are investigating after a driver tore through the fence of the Grand Forks dog park causing about $4,000 in damage.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

The Grand Forks dog park has thousands of dollars in damage...after someone vandalized it last night.

Police say sometime last night, a driver went off the roadway and smashed through the fence at the dog park.

The reckless driving left around four thousand dollars in damage.

Pet owners today couldn't help but notice the Lincoln Drive dog Park was looking a little chewed up. One driver's late-night joyride left the park's west-side fence in a mangled mess.

"Causing about four thousand dollars worth of damage," Sgt. Kevin Kallinen of the Grand Forks police department said.

"It's a shame that the city spends this much money on something for dogs and everybody wanted it and somebody's got to come along and wreck it for everybody," dog owner Neil Helland said.

This morning, a caller alerted police of the hole in the fence and the tire tracks in the park. Sgt. Kevin Kallinen says some time late last night, the driver veered off the road in a four by four and tore through the park area.

"Someone's recklessness is going to cost the city some money unfortunately," dog owner Michele Kjelshus said.

After a closer look inside the park, one officer recovered a spare tire they say could've come off the back of the four-wheel-drive vehicle. He also found some teal colored paint, which he says rubbed off on one of the fence posts.

"There was a small amount of debris left at the scene that could be matched up with a vehicle, if we come across a vehicle that has most likely some front end damage to it," Kallinen said.

The park district was notified and workers temporarily patched the fence, allowing dog owners like Michele Kjelshus and Neal Helland to give their dogs a workout.

"I just don't see the sense in having to come inside the dog park wrecking a fence when you got plenty of open spaces in this whole park you could actually four wheel drive in if you wanted," Helland said.