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Published July 15, 2011, 10:23 PM

Couple In Home Explosion North Of Larimore Need Help

We have a full condition update on the victims of the home explosion just north of Larimore. They could also use assistance in getting to Nebraska, where they can both be together.

By: Meagan Millage, WDAZ

We have a full condition update on the victims of the home explosion just north of Larimore.

We spoke on the phone with Justin McMahon's mother tonight who said Justin was just waking up from surgery on his legs.

This surgery took about four hours and was the fifth operation he has had since the explosion. In the explosion he lost the lower part of both of his legs.

But Danielle Bissell is not in as good of shape as McMahon. Her pelvis is held together with screws and is broken in three places. She also has a fractured neck. Her feet are crushed and she is still in a lot of pain. Because of her injuries she still cannot sit up.

Also, the couple lost their 6-month old daughter in the explosion.

McMahon is being released from the hospital in St. Paul next weekend and is headed to Nebraska so his mother can take care of him. But, Bissell still needs to be in the hospital. She can leave St. Paul and go to a Nebraska hospital to be close to McMahon, but because she cannot sit up she has to be transported either by ambulance or airplane, and that has to be arranged by the family.

McMahon's mother is hoping someone in the Grand Forks area can help the family stay together.

"The big thing with Justin and Dani is, we went from planning their wedding in November, to planning the funeral of their child, to now planning their lifelong healthcare plans. These kids don't even have socks. These kids need to heal, they need this where they can be within distance so they can see eachother on a daily basis," McMahon's mother Rebecca Frerichs said.

If you, or someone you know can help get Danielle Bissell to a Nebraska hospital by ambulance or airplane, you're asked to call Rebecca Frerichs at 402-360-0892.

And McMahon's mom said the two want to get back to North Dakota but it just isn't possible because of their conditions right now. She also said that Justin, Dani, and the entire family have been comforted by the amount of support and well-wishes they have received from the Grand Forks area.