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Published August 08, 2011, 12:02 AM

Making a 'Man Cave': 2 EGF Natives Building National Business

Two East Grand Forks natives are grilling up growth in a business they started two and a half years ago.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Two East Grand Forks natives are grilling up growth in a business they started two and a half years ago.

Nick Beste and Jason Rodahl started "Man Cave," selling grilling gear at parties. Since 2009, they have spread out to 40 states.

Man Cave adviser Pat Reardon is showing off some of the must-have gear of the grill, which the company sells in its catalog.

“It’s just something to steam the chicken on the inside,” Reardon said.

Reardon, who lives in East Grand Forks, spends some of his summer as a sort of sales rep for Man Cave. He's one of 1,300 people in 40 states that organize the gettogethers.

“It's what we call a meating. It's kind of a tupperware on steroids for men. We come to your place, we bring the meat, we bring the beer. We do the grilling. You just invite your friends," Reardon said.

That's when they break out a catalog that is filled with different kinds of meats for the grill and accessories all ordered at the party.

“We thought that type of demonstration in people's home would be something people would want to experience and since then, we have extended that to everything in the Man Cave,” business partner and East Grand Forks native Jason Rodahl said.

That includes novelty items such as a beer cooler that comes with a remote in case it's lost.

“70 feet a way and it lights up so you can find that beverage of choice,” Reardon said.

“We have pint glasses, shot glasses, T-shirts, posters,” Rodahl said.

The business is getting plenty of media attention. Rodahl's partner, Nick Beste, was featured on a national business cable show last week telling them profits are good.

“Our first full fiscal year, we had over a million dollars in revenue,” Rodahl said.

Even though the focus is on guy stuff, women are welcome.

“We have said that women could be in the Man Cave. The only rule is that they could not decorate it,” Reardon said.

That's just one of the rules on the Man Cave rule poster they also sell.