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David Schwab

Dave is a Crookston native who started his reporting career over a decade ago. A graduate of Saint Cloud State University, Dave started his news career in Bismarck, ND, and first joined WDAZ News in 1996.

He was an instrumental part of WDAZ's award-winning 1997 flood coverage. After leaving to work in Denver for several years, Dave is back at WDAZ and proud to once again be a member of the Home Team.

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UND women's basketball team to host University's first Big Sky conference tournament

A winning season has the UND Women's basketball team hosting the University's First Big Sky conference tournament in Grand Forks. The conference decides who hosts the championship tournament by who has had the best season.

WDAZ, 03/07/2014

North Dakota lawmakers push for safer ways to transport oil by rail

North Dakota lawmakers are pushing for safer ways to transport oil by rail. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Senator John Hoveven attended a hearing in Washington to strengthen safety standards.

WDAZ, 03/06/2014

East Grand Forks warning residents of potential of frozen pipes

The city of East Grand Forks is asking all its residents and businesses who use a city water line to call them. The Water and Light Department is concerned with the possibility of frozen water service lines.

WDAZ, 03/05/2014

GR8 Outdoors: Outdoor ice skating

It's been one of the coldest winters in 40 years. That has made getting outside a tough thing to do.

WDAZ, 03/04/2014

Federal law forces ice rinks to make expensive changes

By the end of the decade, manufacturers will stop making a popular refrigerant because of damage it may do the ozone layer. This could be very expensive for hockey rinks that would have switch to a different system to make ice. The price would vary widely depending on the age of the facility.

WDAZ, 02/26/2014

North Dakota State Hockey tournament held in Fargo in 2015

On the North Dakota side of the river, there is also plenty of hockey talk with the State High School Hockey tournament in full swing. Boys and Girls teams are playing at the Ralph Engelstad Arena In Grand Forks Friday.

WDAZ, 02/21/2014

Fans pack Izzy's Lounge in Warroard to cheer on team USA and hometown hero Gigi Marvin

Fans packed Izzy's Lounge in Warroad to cheer on team USA and their hometown hero, Gigi Marvin.

WDAZ, 02/20/2014

North Dakota Public Service Commission begins series of hearings on proposed pipeline

Wednesday was the first of three public hearings for a proposed pipeline that would move North Dakota oil to Minnesota and Wisconsin. North Dakota's Public Service Commission held the first hearing at UND in Grand Forks Wednesday.

WDAZ, 02/19/2014

GR8 Outdoors: Snowy Owls

Most birds fly south to escape the bitter cold. Snowy owls also fly south but most don't go further than the Midwest. In fact, our area is a favorite place for the owls to spend the winter.

WDAZ, 02/19/2014

Crime is down in Grand Forks

Theft, larceny and homicide on the rise in Grand Forks County. But overall crime is down. Theft in Grand Forks County hit the fourth-highest total in the past 10 years. The good news is, the numbers say crime is down in the county.

WDAZ, 02/18/2014

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