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David Schwab

Dave is a Crookston native who started his reporting career over a decade ago. A graduate of Saint Cloud State University, Dave started his news career in Bismarck, ND, and first joined WDAZ News in 1996.

He was an instrumental part of WDAZ's award-winning 1997 flood coverage. After leaving to work in Denver for several years, Dave is back at WDAZ and proud to once again be a member of the Home Team.

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GR8 Outdoors: Snowy Owls

Most birds fly south to escape the bitter cold. Snowy owls also fly south but most don't go further than the Midwest. In fact, our area is a favorite place for the owls to spend the winter.

WDAZ, 02/19/2014

Crime is down in Grand Forks

Theft, larceny and homicide on the rise in Grand Forks County. But overall crime is down. Theft in Grand Forks County hit the fourth-highest total in the past 10 years. The good news is, the numbers say crime is down in the county.

WDAZ, 02/18/2014

CVS plans to stop selling tobacco products in its stores

Drugstore Giant CVS is planning to stop selling tobacco products in its stores, including the one in Grand Forks.

WDAZ, 02/05/2014

GR8 Outdoors: Annual Outdoor Bonspiel

This year marks the 14th year the South Gate bar and grill has held their annual outdoor bonspiel. Even with the bitter cold weekend temperatures about 40 teams competed for cash and prizes.

WDAZ, 02/05/2014

Extreme cold winter with transportation methods of propane are main reasons for price spike

If relief from high propane prices isn't going to be exactly immediate, it may be ahead. That according to UND Economics Professor Cullen Goenner. Goenner says the extreme cold winter combined with transportation methods of propane are the main reasons for the price spike.

WDAZ, 01/31/2014

People are feeling the shock after a gallon of propane triples in price

The price of a gallon of propane Thursday is at about $4.50 a gallon. That is up more than $3 a gallon from just 6 month ago.

WDAZ, 01/30/2014

U.S. House of Representatives passes long overdue farm bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passes the farm bill. It will now go the U.S. Senate for its approval. The senate could take it up Thursday with the President's signature coming early next week signing it into law.

WDAZ, 01/29/2014

GR8 Outdoors: Vintage snowmobiles

Each winter many towns hold vintage snowmobile shows and races. It's a way to bring together snow sled enthusiasts.

WDAZ, 01/29/2014

National Weather Service releases first outlook for spring flooding in the Red River and Devils Lake Basin

The National Weather Service in Grand Forks says the risk for substantial spring flooding this year along the Red River and in Devils Lake Basin is low. But the service adds theres is a lot of winter left, and a lot of what will happen depends on the spring melt.

WDAZ, 01/24/2014

Price of propane spikes drastically in just a week

The price of propane has shot up dramatically this week. A twenty five percent increase locally in just 4 days. This at a time when temperatures are at some of their lowest of the year. And that means much higher heating bills for some.

WDAZ, 01/23/2014

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