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Gem of the Week: Donating time to donations

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Thousands of you generously give when you see the bell ringers and the red buckets. But, do you know where that money goes next? This week’s gem donates his time every single day.

Have you ever wondered where that cash goes? It goes to DeWayne – not Dwayne – Brown.

DeWayne: “Yeah, my dad named me after John Wayne.”

Before the dollars you drop go toward helping the community, chances are they go through Brown first.

Brown says it's his Christian faith that motivates him.

DeWayne: “I love people. And God loves me. And God loves people. And so I'm going to do the same thing.”

For the past three weeks, every night, Brown sits here. He says the best part is seeing how generous some people are.

DeWayne: “600-some bucks. And they were standing out in the cold and the rain and that. So there was somebody that loved God really good.”

Last year the kettles in our area brought in nearly $200,000.

DeWayne: “I do it because I love God and I know that's what he wants me to.”

During the season of giving Brown gives what he can: his time.


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