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Animal Watch: Simple tips to keep pets from getting lost

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MOORHEAD, MN (WDAZ-TV) - Animals are getting lost by the dozen.

Police and animal shelters around the region say there are some cheap and simple ways to keep your furry friends from running off for good.

As the seasons change, man's best friend may become man's lost friend.

Heather Clyde, Homeward Animal Shelter manager: "I'd say about 65% of our animals come from the pound as strays. We do see more lost animals in the spring and summer."

Whether the nicer weather means more leash-less walks, or indoor cats venturing out, shelters say they see more strays come springtime.

Moorhead Police Department says it's picked up 20 strays the first two months of the year. Thanks to shelters in the area, most will find a new home and avoid being put down.

Lt. Tory Jacobson, Moorhead PD: "It's been 100% the first two months we've been able to either return the dog and cat or we've been able to adopt it.”

Police say simply licensing your critter can mean the difference between fluffy going home, or finding a new one.

Jacobson: "For someone to be responsible enough to care for and love their animal, we'd ask they'd take this precaution."

Other simple proactivity can help you reunite with a missing pet.

Clyde: "Most don't come in with identification. They don't have collars on or tags on, or the tags aren't updated.”

Updated tags cost $5. Microchipping your animal: as little as $20.

Clyde: "It's not hard at all. You just need to be willing to go and do that type of thing to keep you animal's information updated."

Above all, shelters say the most important thing is being quick if you want man's lost friend to be man's found friend.

Licenses are required for all dogs and cats in city limits.