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Hundreds Turn Out for GF 'Relay For Life'

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) - Hundreds of people started the 12-hour walk for cancer awareness. This is the 14th consecutive year Grand Forks has held Relay for Life.

"We've had more volunteer help this year than we have ever had which is wonderful," Relay co-chair Nancy Klatt said.

From kids to sergeants in the Air Force, University Park was packed with people prepping for tonight's big event.

"It's good to make an impact on anything that we can help out with so overall it's nice to be needed and we're just really happy to help," AFB volunteer Tim Cook said.

"The camaraderie. We love doing events for the community especially if it's with the Cancer Society," volunteer Mike Horken said.

Luminary bags line the park and spell out the one word everyone participating is familiar with, "Hope."

"Pretty amazing when you look at all the luminaries, the bags. It's reality how bad the big C word really is, how bad cancer is, but it's like we're one big family," Julie Dvorak, the mother of a cancer survivor, said.

"It really is a bond that I think brings people together," Klatt said.

Brings people together no matter what kind of cancer has affected a loved one. Klatt says during the night is the time where people really come together.

"You're walking with them through night and it's when people maybe kind of feel alone," Klatt said.

Participants say the event reminds them of the hard times they've been through as well as the close friends they've made because of it.

"Pretty moving. It's really moving especially once as everyone gets here and it's all for the purpose of cancer and raising money to get rid of it," Dvorak said.

The fundraising goal is $165,000 and hey've already raised $150,000 so organizers think they're in good shape to meet that goal.