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Motorcycle ride hopes to help save the lives of children for Project Lifesaver

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East Grand Forks, MN (WDAY TV) - Over a dozen motorcycle riders came together today, hoping to help save the lives of children.

Today's ride was in honor of Anthony Kuznia, an 11-year-old East Grand Forks boy who lived with autism and tragically drowned last year after wandering away.

The sound unmistakable. The look clearly recognizable. Bikers riding today as one.

Paul Hvidston/Uncle: "It's a good feeling when everybody joins in together to make something happen."

Nancy Moser/Anthony Kuznia’s Aunt: “It's awesome. It's wonderful that the community can come together."

Over a dozen riding to raise awareness and money for project lifesaver, a wrist tracking system for people who are at risk of wandering off.

Paul: "Even if you don't have the money, that's what today is about. We're going to find a way for you to get a wristband for your loved one."

11-year-old Anthony Kuznia, who lived with autism, died last august after wandering off. Since his death, the east grand forks police department has joined with project lifesaver.

Nancy: "It just means a safer world for those who are most vulnerable."

Chad “The Rabbit” McDonald/Silent Thunder Motorcycle Rider: "I have a family member who has autism, Asperger’s and it hits close to home for me."

So today they rode, to help protect a community from future tragedies.

Paul: "Bike community is a very giving community."

Chad: "First and foremost, it's my belief that we protect children and our families.”

And to remember the boy, the smile and spirit of a boy who will never be forgotten.

Nancy: "The sun is shining now. Anthony's playing...he's wishing that he could be here to ride on a motorcycle. I'm sure...but he'll be riding with us in spirit."