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Hugo's Donates More Than $23K to Red Cross

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) - The Minn-Kota Region Red Cross got a big check from Hugo's Family Marketplace on Wednesday.

The Red Cross accepted the check for more than $23,000.

The majority of the donation comes from the customer giving program that Hugo's ran in its stores in April.

During that month, customers were asked to give $1 or more at the check-out counter.

"We really rely on support from the American people, so what this great donation from Hugo's customers and Hugo's will help us to do is make it possible for our volunteers to really support our mission of helping people who've been affected by disaster," Red Cross Chief Development Officer Sandy Glas said.

Hugo's and Pepsi have teamed up to raise money for the Red Cross for the past three years. So far, the companies have donated more than $68,000.