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Small Towns-Larimore, ND

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BJ Carlson has been bringing her horses to Good Samaritan Society Home Care in Larimore for nearly 15 years, Bringing them right off the trailer and into the building where her majestic equines brighten the days of many residents.

BJ tries to make the trip with the horses once a year and the nursing home welcomes them with open arms because of how much the residents enjoy them. Despite their spirited will, they've shared a special connection with the residents, including a memorable visit with a former cowboy in his final moments.

"When he was dying we brought a horse in and took him right up to his bedside, and he got to see the horse right before he passed on. That just kind of made his day because he grew up raising horses, training them, breaking them, everything," said BJ.

It's for moments like that BJ continues to make the trip every year -- to share her love for the gentle beasts.

"To hear them whinny in the morning and say hi to you when you go out. They're just very calming and beautiful... And we spoil them rotten, imagine that."