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Animal Watch: Dog confronts bear in backyard standoff

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BRADBURY, CA - You'll bearly believe this one!

A bear confronts a family dog and the dog seems to win, although the humans who encountered the bear weren't so brave.

A backyard standoff in Bradbury, CA. Bear versus  dog. The canine winning this face-off after the brazen bear broke into this family's home.

Nanette Gonzaga was face to face with the animal before locking herself in the bedroom.

Deputies scared the bear away but it continued its journey throughout the neighborhood, at one point, chasing after a deer that makes a swift getaway.

He's been roaming from yard to yard, in no rush to return to the Foothills. Residents say this animal, which is tagged, is a frequent visitor.

"He's no problem, he just goes into our trash every night," said neigborhood resident Mike Tavakkoli. "He makes a mess out of our trash, but beside that he's a very calm bear."

"I've never seen him get into any trouble other than dumping the trash can, digging in, looking for food," said another resident. "He eats some of my avocadoes or whatever fruit he can find and that's pretty much it."