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Animal Watch: Humane Society squashes parvo rumor

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Some pet owners and their furry friends couldn't get in to a local dog park.

Rumors of parvo at the dog park and the Circle of Friends Humane Society next door started circulating on social media, after dog owners were greeted by a chained gate and broken fence.

Circle of Friends Humane Society Director Lauralee Tupa says they locked the gate for safety's sake, but Parvo isn't a problem, and hasn't been since April of 2016.

“The fence is locked because two public dogs got into a fight and they broke part of the fence,” said Tupa. “We're working on fundraising the money to fix the fence and then to get somebody in to fix it."

Click here if you'd like to help repair the fence by donating to Circle of Friends.