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Heritage Days highlights century-old traditions

EAST GRAND FORKS -- (WDAZ-TV) -- Steam threshers, cowboys and broom craftsmen.

Skills from over 100 years ago brought to life at Heritage Days.

"It's all fascinating to me,” said Terence Adams, a visitor. “To be able to just walk through history and see how things were done back then."

It's his first time here and he's already a fan.

“Digging deeper into the roots to see how things was made back in the 1900s," Adams said.  

Hundreds of people came from all over the Red River Valley this weekend. 

Many of them watching the barrel races. 

“I've done it for, this is my third year coming,” said 15-year-old Gretchen Theis, a competitor. “Every year he's done really well here and my other horses have too."

But it's the old ways that get their engines revved up.

Wendell Landon has been making brooms by hand for decades.

"Well this is history,” Landon said. “Up until 1940 if you had a good broom, any place in this world, you probably had an American-made broom because they found out that the best broom corn grew here in the central part of the United States."

Improvements in technology have this art slowly disappearing but he's hoping to spark interest.

"Heritage days means preserving and teaching the history of our area," Landon said.

This is the 41st year for Heritage Days. Just two people set up the event each year.